Inspired Practice Workshop

The Inspired Practice Workshop offers strategies and motivational techniques for getting the most out of music practice and any other skill. We offer two workshops, one to students ages 12 to 18 and another to adults ages 21 and over. Each workshop costs $75.

Are you looking for a system that helps you get more out of your piano experience? Are there ways to inspire an improved process that gives you excitement and helps you overcome fear? Well, here is our answer…

We are excited to introduce a powerful and exciting new concept to the art of learning to play an instrument (or learning any skill). This workshop will go far beyond the scope of weekly music lessons as Candice Lee and Greg Slawson cover topics that will make immediate and lasting impressions on participants. This event will help to supercharge practice results.

The group atmosphere will ensure a highly synergistic and creative experience. We request that each participant brings a notebook and pen. There will be an opportunity for a volunteer to participate in a practice demonstration in which all the participants help “teach” a chosen passage of music. No one will be asked to play if they feel uncomfortable doing so.

Remember that these demonstrations are voluntary. We want all attendees to feel relaxed about this event. However, “practice volunteers” will benefit tremendously because they will get first hand experience while showing others the processes. Even those who choose not to volunteer will have the option to assist in teaching. One of the best ways to learn anything is to teach it to others.

Ten exciting and transforming practice strategies will be clearly defined. The topics will include:

There will be an intention-setting portion of the workshop in which participants will write down five goals or passions. Then they will outline daily, weekly and monthly action steps to help fulfill these goals.

In addition, each participant will receive our volume of practice methods to take home. This invaluable tool can help a student through almost any practice challenge, and is a workshop exclusive!

We look forward to seeing you there!

To find out about an upcoming workshop, please contact us. If you are a teacher that would like to have us the workshop presented to your students, please ask how you can receive part of the proceeds for hosting a workshop.

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.  Robert Collier