Jazz Improvisation Course

This course is made up of five one-on-one appointments between the student and instructor, either each day for a week or over a number of weeks. The instructor will guide the student through the “Jazz Routine,” a practice routine designed to efficiently increase the student”s ability to improvise. Each one-on-one meeting will be 90 minutes. The steps of the Jazz Routine include:

  1. theory warm up (example: ii-V-I open voicings in all keys)
  2. scale practice (also can be a finger dexterity exercise)
  3. blues
  4. chart sightreading
  5. work on an arrangement

Each session will be a “guided practice.” Learning how to properly apply each step will lead toward comfort and confidence in the jazz piano idioms. By the end of the week, the student and instructor will prepare an arrangement of a tune of the student”s choice. The student will also study improvisation over the blues form with a bass line. The instructor will make suggestions so that the student can continue to utilize these skills after the conclusion of the class.