Senior Projects

Slawson & Lee Piano Studio offers three programs for high school students interested in pursuing their May senior projects with us.

Level One: the senior student observes lessons and different aspects of the business each weekday. This is the traditional senior project in which the community sponsor (one of us) is observed while going about their workday.

Level Two: The senior student comes to the studio each weekday for supervised practice in combination with short lessons. The once per week piano lesson essentially gets spread out over a five day period.

Level Three: The senior student comes to the studio each weekday for between 1 to 3 hours for supervised practice and daily lessons. Time with the teacher is extensive although there is individual practice time as well. At this level, there is time for a number of special projects which can include (but are not limited to) jazz, theory, composition and recording. The student can really explore music in an intense way at this level with a lot of guidance. Seniors look at their practice process in a new light following this experience. Contact us for prices.