Traditional Lessons

Slawson & Lee Piano Studio offers one-on-one weekly piano lessons throughout the year. We have developed a teaching system that gives students practice methods that empower them to become autonomous. Although we have a core curriculum that we have developed over the years, our lessons are individually designed for each student’s musical desires. We value our relationships with all of our students and their families.

Skype Lessons

We offer lessons over the internet. They’re perfect if you’re not in the Cleveland area or if you’re away at summer camp. Our online lesson service requires that you have a fairly new computer, a high speed internet connection such as DSL or cable, headphones (optional), Skype software, and a compatible webcam. Your computer will have to be located next to your piano, so a laptop is preferable. Most laptops now come with built-in cameras, but if your computer doesn’t you can buy an appropriate one. The quality of your video connection with us will be dependent on the speed and latency of your internet connection. To get started with lessons, contact us at lessons@slpiano.com

Summer Piano Programs

This summer, we’re offering a variety of new and improved programs and classes. The results from the past two years of our specialized summer programs have been fantastic! We have discovered that piano students reach a higher level of mastery much more rapidly when they participate in teacher-guided practice sessions. Read about our programs!

Support Materials

We offer an online practice journal to our students at PracticeTracker.com. Ask us how to get started.

For our jazz students, we offer specially created downloadable blues basslines, to enhance improvisation practice.

One thing I would like to say is how much I appreciate the time and effort you put into individualizing your teaching for each student.   Hilary, adult student